Nomura plating continue trying hard aiming at being the valuable company which can contribute to industries and social development.


•Surface treatment

We have various surface treatment technology such as many kinds of plating, electropolishing, chemical polishing, thermal spraying, fluoro-resin coating and etc., and also have composite surface treatment technology which these coatings are combined.

These coatings are used for various rollers and mold.

•Designing and manufacturing of industrial machine product

In Nomura plating, the various rollers for paper, steel and film makers etc. and molds for steel makers are not only treated the surface, but can be designed, machined and assembled.

We supply high quality and high precision products using fully equipped various machining centers and processing machines.

•Surface treatment plant engineering

We have been established several unique "surface treatment plants" based on the many actual results and software (know-how) concerning the surface treatment.

We carry out in good faith until we agree in the quality of the surface treatment required of a customer's product. (instruction of the legal procedure in the case of surface treatment factory construction , operation instruction, etc.)


JFE Fukuyama
Facility of hard chromium plating on rolling roller
JFE Chiba
Facility of hard chromium plating on rolling roller
Mitsubishi heavy
surface Treatment plant for the parts of air craft.
Clyde Carruthers Plating plant for continuous casting mold
Koyoseiki Akeno
Full automatic buffing and chromium plating equipment for constraction machine part

•Consulting of surface treatment

Using surface analyzing equipment we meet customer's various needs of investigation and test based on the technology and experience and know-how for surface treatment.

•The main contents of operating

Surface analysis, Material testing, Plating on test piece

•A list of measurement equipment

Electron probe micro analyzer (EPMA), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS), Spectrophotometer, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Tensile test machine, Dinamic ultra micro hardness tester, Equipment for salt spray test and CASS test, Capillary electrophoresis, Wear test machine (Made by our company), X-ray diffractometer, Rolling fatigue test machine

A list of measurement equipment

•Development in new field (space development / ocean development)

While challenging the possibility of science technology through development of various parts such as space development and ocean development ( H-II rocket, Shinkai 6500, linear motor car, and accelerator of KEK, development in new field of a surface treatment is also challenged based on development of new technology.

company data

Company name Nomura Plating Co., LTD.
Head office location 5-12-20 Himejima Nishiyodogawaku Osaka-shi Osaka
Capital 16,000,000 yen
Foundation 1916
Establishment 1942
Representative Representative director president Shuhei Nomura
Employee 328 persons
Osaka factory 5-12-20 Himejima Nishiyodogawaku Osaka-shi Osaka
Fukuyama factory 3-3-19 Yanaizu-cho Fukuyama-shi Hiroshima
TEL +81-84-934-1201
FAX +81-84-934-4268
Kanuma factory Kanumakougyoudanchi 5 Satsuki-cho Kanuma-shi Tochigi
JFE work shop Hiroshima prefecture Fukuyama city Kokan-cho-1 JFE


1916 In 2-3, Sakaigawa, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, an enterprise was inaugurated as a Nomura Mekki Koujou.
1934 The head office was relocated to 3-3-16, Utajima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi.
1942 Hanshin Mekki Kougyou which is the past of Nomura Plating was founded
1950 A trade name change was made at Nomura Plating.
1952 The Himejima factory was newly established in 5-12-20, Himeshima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi.
1969 The Fukuyama factory was established.
1972 The Kanuma factory was established
1979 The plating facility for continuous casting mold was constructed in Fukuyama factory.
1986 New work place was installed in NKK Fukuyama works.
1987 1987 The fluoro-resin coating equipment for a large-sized roll was worked at the Kanuma factory.
Thermal spraying equipment was worked at Fukuyama factory.
1991 Fukuyama factory was extended.
1995 The head office is relocated to the present location.
1996 Head office building completion
1999 The Kanuma factor was extended

Consultation Form

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