Tough carbon film has the quite high hardness, which is the next hardest film to Diamond. This superior film property is obtained by a unique deposition process. We can improve the wear and friction of your parts.

Ultra high hardness: Vickers hardness 5000kg/mm2 (*1)
-> Wear resistance is quite high!

High thermal stability: 500 ºC (Oxygen-free atmosphere) (*2)
-> The hardness is held at high temperature!

Quite thin film thickness (below 0.5 micron) and low process temperature (below 100 ºC)
-> Keeping the dimension for precise parts!

*1: This hardness is 2 to 3 times higher than that of DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) film, and 5 times higher than that of Chromium plating.
*2: This thermal stability is twice higher than that of DLC films.

Hardness (Hv5000)To detailed Paige

Thermal stability (500 ºC)To detailed Paige

Keeping the dimensionTo detailed Paige

Good adhesion to the targeted base materialTo detailed Paige

Low friction coefficientTo detailed Paige

What is gTough carbon filmh?To detailed Paige

Comparison of the film property with prior DLCTo detailed Paige

Novel deposition processTo detailed Paige

What is gas cluster ion beam ?To detailed Paige


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